How to Choose Your Style of Glasses

Style of Glasses

What style of glasses is right for you?

For those of us without perfect vision, one of the toughest decisions we’ll ever make involves choosing the perfect style of glasses. Frame shape, material and style are just a few of the elements that should play a role in your decision-making. Are you looking strictly for comfort, as opposed to what’s hot on the street? Chances are, you’d like to accommodate all of these demands. At the end of the day, what style of glasses defines how you see the world?

Need something durable and sporty? Maybe a traditional full-eye frame like the ones you’ve always had will do the trick? Let’s see what we can do to help you define your style…(even if you don’t have any).

Different Styles of Glasses

Full-eye frames are traditionally the most popular style of glasses. They give you the most classic look and most natural fit. Half- and mid-eye reading glasses typically allow you to look down to see fine details and look up to see far away. You can wear them down on the bridge of your nose, or at regular eye level depending on what you’re focusing on.

Rimless and semi-rimless frames offer comfort and style combined with great functionality. Semi-rimless frames are best suited to accentuate female facial features since they are constructed with the least amount of material. Rimless frames are becoming more and more popular because of their concise design and functional style.

Metal frames provide durable and somewhat flexible frame functionality. Depending on which color and style of metal frame you go with, you will always enjoy their long-lasting support. For the ultimate in comfort, flexible memory metal frames are your best option. Made of a material that maximizes flexibility and durability simultaneously, these contemporary frames make wearing reading glasses much less cumbersome.

Plastic frames are classic in style and design while providing a lightweight, durable solution. And no matter what style of glasses you have, you can always use HydroTac™ stick-on lenses to optimize your eyesight. By simply applying a drop of water to the back of these lenses, your current reading glasses will take your vision to a whole new, magnified level.

With so many options available, it may be difficult to pick your favorite style of glasses. It’s best to get all the help, guidance and advice you can before making a decision. Call on Optx 2020 to help you define your style of glasses. The variety of innovative and trendy options will help you achieve the confidence and comfort you deserve.

What styles or colors of reading glasses do you prefer?

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