5 Ways to Use Stick-On Lenses

Stick-on lenses are becoming more and more popular every day. They offer an inexpensive, simple and flexible way to turn any eyewear you have sitting around your house into fully functioning, ‘near-prescription’ lenses. Stick-on lenses like HydroTac by OPTX 20/20 can be cut and trimmed into most shapes and sizes depending on how you plan to apply them. Not only that, but they can improve your vision during many different activities as well. Here are a few examples of just how useful stick-on lenses can be.

Uses for Stick-on Reading Lenses

Probably the most popular way to use stick-on lenses is to turn those expensive, stylish sunglasses into near-prescription strength shades by adding stick-on lenses to sunglasses lenses. Most stick-on lenses come in sheets that allow you to customize their size and shape with a few quick snips of the scissors. This allows you to apply the stick-on lenses to your favorite sunglasses–you know, the ones you can’t wear driving or playing golf because they just don’t do the trick without a prescription. Now, you can turn them into ‘daily drivers,’ giving you the chance to show off those pricey frames in just about any situation.

Any athletes out there with sub-par vision? It’s tough to compete when you can’t see. Not anymore. Simply cut your stick-on lenses to fit your favorite pair of glasses or sports goggles, and you’ve got yourself a competitive advantage like nothing you’ve had before. Cyclists, golfers, fisherman and more consistently rave about stick-on lenses. They truly open the door to a whole new world of sport, giving you the ability to finally enjoy the glory of your all-star moments in full, crystal clear color.

Hunters, or avid sport-shooters have been using stick-on lenses for quite some time now. Certain types of hunting require certain eyewear that might not come with a prescription lens. Adding stick-on lenses to polarized glasses, hunters and sport-shooters can meet their potential out in the woods with near-prescription strength lenses.

Stick-on lenses can also be helpful in standard, simple circumstances like reading or completing chores around the house. Have you noticed a slight loss of focus when reading the morning paper, or maybe ‘missed a spot’ while cleaning up around the house? Stick-on lenses are a quick and simple solution to help you pick up where your once-perfect vision left off.

Most important and impressive of all, stick-on lenses offer anyone, anywhere doing any activity the opportunity to drastically improve their vision for a fraction of the cost of prescription glasses. They also allow you total freedom to pick out any glasses frames you like without having to worry whether the optometrist can accommodate your custom lens prescription. These are the ultimate utility lenses, at an extremely low cost, available quickly and easily to any set of eyes.

What other uses have you discovered for stick-on lenses?


5 Responses to 5 Ways to Use Stick-On Lenses

  1. Bill says:

    How do you apply the stick on lenses onto the sunglasses.? I have a pair but they don’t stick and there is no instructions (unless I miss placed them).

  2. Gary Kestel says:

    Any idea when the hydrotac stick ons will be available in the stronger perscriptions?

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