Are you asking yourself: Do I need reading glasses?

If you’re seriously wondering to yourself: “Do I need glasses?” you probably do. The only question is, what kind? Do you simply need over-the-counter reading glasses, or prescription lenses? There’s a quick, simple answer to this question. Get an eye exam. Squinting your way through life is no way to see the world. Should you decide to leave the eye exam for a last resort, consider the following circumstances first.

Is your world shrinking?

If you’ve noticed that your favorite novel, newspaper or online blog just doesn’t appear to be the same size anymore, you might want to consider eyeglasses. Over time, your eyes have a habit of losing a bit of their ability to flex their muscle, literally. Muscles in the eye stretch out and lose the elasticity needed to adjust to different focal points and distances. You’ll find this out the first time you notice how close the computer screen, newspaper or magazine is to your face. Or, you might have to hold things at arm’s length to focus on them. Either way, you should make an appointment at your nearest eye doctor, or at least purchase standard reading glasses to see if they help, or maybe consider stick-on lenses if you already have some frames laying around.

Do I need glasses? Only your eye doctor can tell for sure.

Do I need glasses? Only your eye doctor can tell for sure.

How’s your head feeling these days?

Are you consistently getting headaches throughout the day for no apparent reason? Barring a more serious health problem, you could be experiencing the affects of diminished vision. Sure, you could be stressed out, dehydrated, or tired, but it could also be unnecessary tension on your eyes. Whatever the reason, persistent headaches shouldn’t be ignored – head to the eye doctor or your general practitioner to get to the bottom of your symptoms. The same goes for blurry vision. Don’t ignore it; make an appointment sooner than later.

Are your eyelids feeling heavy throughout the day?

Don’t get caught sleeping at your desk; call the eye doctor! Sure, your job might be boring enough to make espresso seem like sleepy-time tea, but if you’ve had sufficient rest and still can’t hold up your peepers, it’s time to visit the eye chart. Your eyes may simply be overworked and exhausted. Take care of them and get the proper prescription to help you make it through the day without naptime.

Is nighttime driving a more terrifying than it used to be?

If you feel like your night vision is not what it used to be glasses might help. Don’t hesitate to at least get a pair of nighttime lenses just for driving. There’s nothing worse than flying blind at night. But not to worry; the best thing about needing nighttime lenses is that no one has to see them. Nowadays, you have plenty of stylish eyeglass options to choose from. Get to it and give your eyes the break they deserve.

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