I need reading glasses. Now what?

If you’re like the rest of us, there will come a time when you can only squint so much. That’s when reading glasses become a necessity. It’s bad enough that you need help reading, but now you’re tasked with the tough decision of choosing the nicest, most stylish frames to fit your face and your budget. Today, there are so many types of reading glasses to choose from, it’ll make your head spin. We’re here to make it easy on you.

I need reading glasses. Now what?All reading glasses come in two styles, full-eye frames and half-eyes. Full frames feature lenses made entirely with whatever prescription you were given. The benefit of full-frame glasses is found in their ability to help you see close-up reading material rather than distant objects. Half-eye glasses are smaller and rest on the tip of your nose. These allow you to peer down for closer distances and up for objects that are farther away.

Maybe you only need reading glasses at particular times, like in dim lighting, to read maps, or maybe a menu during a romantic dinner. If this is the case, consider foldable reading glasses that are easy to put away when you’re done with them. Magnifiers come in handy as well, but usually hang around your neck – something you might not enjoy during a nice soup or salad before your main course.

Whatever style of reading glasses you like, you need a place to purchase them. Although you can purchase over-the-counter reading glasses at most drug stores, the style selection is extremely limited. Same with prescription reading glasses purchased at an actual vision center or retailer. For the biggest and best selection of affordable reading glasses, online shopping is your answer, especially if you already know your prescription.

When purchasing reading glasses online, consider a few things. What are you using them for? If you read outdoors most of the time, or in any type of enhanced lighting, consider UV-protected lenses. Are you extremely active and in need of durable frames? Try flexible memory metal or plastic frames. Worried about looking good? No problem.

Simply make sure the return policy is in place in case you make a mistake with your diopter, or you just don’t like the way they look on you. Best of all, you’ll get the best price online!

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