Reading Glasses As A Fashion Statement

Besides being able to see, reading glasses can be used as a fashion statement. It can define character and personality. From John Lennon’s famous round bifocals, to Steve Jobs rimless look, designer reading glasses of all shapes, size and color have found a place in the fashion industry for every designer’s theme. Colored reading glasses can be matched to any clothing article and can even be coordinated with accessories and makeup. Eye glasses are often matched with purses, shoes and even cell phones to show class, style and color coordinated sophistication.

A fashion statement is often defined by the accessory choice made to compliment the clothing and eye glasses can be the most effective and noticed accessory to the public. The first place people look is at your face and even more specifically your eyes. Glasses can be used to accentuate your eye color and complement your facial features depending on the shape, size and color of the frames. Frameless or rimless eye glasses have become a fashion statement of class and style for most business professionals.

There are numerous theories and suggestions for matching different frames shapes and sizes with facial features pertaining to the roundness of the chin or wideness of the forehead.

Everyone is different and the most important critic is you so when buying glasses online the best advice for choosing the perfect pair is to click on the 360 view button so you can zoom in and get a close up visual of each style.

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