The Benefits Of Recycling Your Reading Glasses

Did you know that people have their eyeglass prescriptions updated once a year and a single eyeglass patient can go through over 50 pairs of glasses, including reading glasses within a lifetime? Multiply that by the number of people who wear eyeglasses. That’s a lot of used frames and lenses!

Unfortunately, when most of these people upgrade to a new pair of glasses, they’ll throw the old pair in the trash. Those used pairs of glasses can be recycled, reused by other patients, or donated to a visually impaired person in need.  There are plenty of options available that can provide much better places to leave your glasses instead of the garbage can.

The easiest option is Goodwill. All Goodwill Industry locations accept eyeglasses. Goodwill works with other programs to either recycle the glasses, or donate them to someone who is visually and financially impaired. Most prescription glasses are sent overseas, on account of U.S. laws prohibiting the resale of used prescription glasses.

Lion’s Club International is another great resource for donations. It is a community improvement organization with locations all over the world. Their LERCs (Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers) are specifically designed to take old eyeglasses and redistribute them internationally to those in need. To find a location near you, visit their website at

New Eyes For The Needy or N.E.F.T.N. is an organization that purchases new eyeglasses and recycles donated glasses for distribution to poor children and adults worldwide. Since the organization started they have improved the eyesight of more than 7,000,000 people in the U.S. and around the world. They have over 3,500 opticians in the U.S. that accept donations for their program. Visit to find a location in your vicinity.

Have you ever recycled your old pair of Optx reading glasses?


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