Plastic Vs Metal

Have you ever wondered which reading glass frames are better: plastic or metal? Which type of  frame lasts longer, which type seems to hold up better against wear and tear. Do metal  frames look better than plastic? Are plastic frames heavier and less comfortable compared to metals ones? Here are a few advantages of both styles:

For the retro and trendy or alternative look you want to go for the plastic style. Plastic frames are typically more durable and tend to last longer than metal frames so if you are rough with your frames you probably want to go the plastic route. They don’t always adjust as well to your face like metal frames do.

Metal reading glasses frames tend to be a little lighter in weight. Also they tend to blend in with your face, giving them an almost invisible appearance. There is a larger selection of sizes, shapes and colors plus metal frames come in high quality metals such as titanium for added durability.  They are though much easier to break and involves screws which sometimes can become loose.

All in all, it really all depends on your personal preference. While metal reading glass frames have some advantages over plastic frames, the opposite is true with plastic frames compared to metal ones. Luckily OPTX 20/20 carries both styles so there is something for everyone’s taste. Browse our online store today.

Metal Vs Plastic

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