E-Books Vs Printed Books – Which Is Better For Your Eyes

With the huge emergence of e-readers and tablets it may have crossed your mind if these electronic devices are worse for your eyes and health then reading a paper book? The answer is there is none.

According to a recent study in Germany there was no difference in eye or brain affect for that matter when a person read an e-book compared to a paper book. In the study participants read a variety of texts with different levels of understanding on an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and in print. Their reading behaviors and brain activity were examined using an EEG machine and eye tracking tools. The study proved that reading from an electronic device instead of print has no negative effects.

Two interesting conclusions came out of the study though. One was that although there are no differences in reading performance on a screen or a printed book, one group of participants displayed faster reading times when using the iPad.

The second was that even in today’s digital age, most of the participants in the study stated that reading printed text is still more comfortable on their eyes than reading from a screen.

When wearing your OPTX 20/20 reading glasses which are you more comfortable reading – printed books or electronic books?


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