Introducing Airlite – Reading Glasses You Forget Are On

A lot of people don’t like wearing reading glasses for two reasons. One if you never wore glasses before, they become heavy and annoying to be on your face. Second, you may feel they aren’t very attractive to cover over your beautiful eyes.

Well, OPTX 20/20 listened and we think we have a product that will solve all those issues. Let us introduce you to the Airlite. The Airlite are rimless reading glasses with optical quality acrylic aspheric lenses that provide crystal clear vision and a comfortable fit. They are ultra lightweight, feature a contemporary design and super flexible & bendable for both durability and long lasting comfort.

In addition these reading glasses, exclusively from OPTX 20/20 are unisex so both men and women can enjoy them and they are easy to clean! Plus for a limited time when you purchase a pair of Airlites it comes with a handy protective case made in a color-coordinated pouch design! All for just $19 plus shipping!

Thought this amazing offer was to good to be true? Well there’s more!  As an added bonus if you purchase online and use the promo code “Air25″ at checkout you will get 25% off your final purchase. Available in blue, brown and clear, the Airlite is the perfect hip solution for seeing the world better and feeling good all at the same time! OPTX 20/20….Enjoying life’s little details.



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