Introducing The Outrigger – Reading Outside Never Got Easier

Sunglasses are great for reading outside. They help with the bright beaming rays and let us all enjoy a great novel on the park bench or the newspaper with our feet in the sand at the beach! But for some of us we just can’t see the words well enough with our sunglasses on. As we get older our vision isn’t as good as it used to be. Yes, our eyes are protected from the bright sun but we are having trouble making out the small words so we just get frustrated and put the book or newspaper down. Sound familiar?

Well pick that book or newspaper right back up as frustration is now a thing of the past! Optx 20/20 would like to introduce to you the EyeDefend Outrigger Bifocal Sunglasses. These stylish new easy to clean sunglasses are light weight, with an adjustable nose bridge and features a wrap around design so your eyes are completely UVA and UVB protected from the bright rays at any and all angles.

With the baseball season just starting around the country, this is the perfect time to pick up a pair of Outriggers as you will be able to keep score with your small handy pencil and enjoy a great ballgame with children and grandchildren just like you did 20 years ago.

Outriggers comes in a variety of different diopter strengths with either grey or red temples and includes a FREE Micro-Fiber Pouch Case & Wiping Cloth. Plus if you purchase two or more pairs the shipping is free!

Now with Optx 20/20 you can enjoy life’s little details literally anywhere, at any hour of the day or night! Oh yea, play ball!

Outrigger Bifocal Sunglasses




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