Reading Glasses Compliment Your Skin Tone

Most of us, especially people into fashion base their wardrobes off their complexion. This includes shirts, scarves and shoes.  But did you know choosing your reading glasses also follow the same principles?

According to the Vision Council, all people have skin tone that falls into either the cool (blue-based tone) or warm (yellow-based tone) coloring group. Cool skin tones have either a pale pink or blue undertone. Warm skin tones have a yellowish cast. If you have a mixture of both yellow and blue undertones you would fall under the olive complexion.

Hair color also is divided into warm and cool tones. Auburn, red, honey blonde, and golden brown hair would fall into the warm category, while strawberry blond, platinum, bluish-black, and flat browns are considered cool tones.

If your skin tone is in one group, but your hair in another, it’s best to go with your skin tone group. Hair color is considered a secondary color, and since it may change, your investment should be in a pair of reading glasses that will always complement your skin tone. Being with or without a tan doesn’t alter your natural skin tone group.

If you’re looking for a pair of reading glasses to complement your coloring and you fall into the cool tone group, you’ll want to try glasses in silver, bluish-gray, black. People in this category would lean towards the EcoClear Wildflower Bio-Based Readers or the EcoClear Flora Readers.

For people in the warm tone group the best color readers to complement your coloring are gold, copper, tan, khaki, orange and orange-reds. The FlexReaders4 in silver would be a great option for these types of people.

No matter what skin or hair tone you have, Optx 20/20 is your one stop shop for all your fashionable reading glasses needs! Browse and shop for our various styles at

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