Reading Glasses For Mom

With Mother’s Day right around the corner instead of getting her the typical flowers (which die in a week) or perfume (that only provides a certain amount of squirts) why not get her something she could really use and keep….reading glasses.

Optx 20/20 has a variety of affordable, hip prescription reading glasses for any mom’s taste or style. Whether it be full eye, mid eye or rimless reading glasses make for a great gift not just because of the fashion expression she can make with them but it will also help her see better!

For those mom’s who love the leopard look, a, brand new pair of Elements is your answer! Not only a pair of reading glasses these readers will never get lost with the magnetic technology it includes. Featuring interchangeable temples she can easily match the temple colors to her wardrobe. It even comes with a hard-protective case to keep them safe when not being worn! Plus you can get a great deal right now by using the promo code “ELMT25″ at check out and save 25% off the purchase.

If your mom is more into making a bright color fashion statement then a perfect option is the affordable 3-Pair ValuPac. This ValuPac features three of our best-selling ClassicReader lightweight reading glasses for one really low price. One pair in red, one pair in purple and one pair in blue she can rotate them by the week, day or hour!

Choosing reading glasses for your mom doesn’t have to be hard. But, if you still feel that you don’t know her tastes you can always get her an Optx 20/20 gift card so she can pick out what she wants right from the website. Oh yes, free shipping is always included! From everyone at Optx 20/20 we hope you have a great mother’s day.



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