Are You Wearing The Wrong Reading Glasses Prescription?

The first time you put on a new pair of glasses, you would expect your vision to be clearer and sharper than with your previous prescription. But, if they still aren’t perfect, you may have the wrong prescription which can lead to a variety of side affects.

Blurred or fuzzed images are the most obvious sign of an incorrect glasses prescription. You may not realize if your glasses are the wrong prescription if the diopter is off slightly. If it is off greatly though you may develop headaches from eye strain, dizziness, vertigo and even nausea.

Luckily there are no long-term effects with wearing the wrong prescription. Your vision will not worsen. The reading glasses will not damage your eyes in any way but if your vision is not properly corrected, however, you risk injury by continuing to wear the wrong lenses. This could include difficulty seeing while driving, or dizziness may hurt your ability to drive or operate machinery. Some types of glasses, including ones with bifocal lenses may require an additional adjustment period before you become accustomed to wearing them.

If you experience headaches, blurred vision, or other symptoms of a wrong lens prescription you may want to try to move your head to reposition the reading glasses on your face rather than your eyes, particularly if you are wearing bifocal or multi-focal lenses. If you are still having trouble you should visit your Eye Doctor as soon as possible.

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