Reading Glasses Can Become A Fun Fashion Statement

Once thought of as simply “uncool”, reading glasses have become a big part of a person’s wardrobe makeup in the past decade. Today, reading glasses are more then just tools to help a person see better. They are trendy, affordable ways people are making statements in their personal and professional lives.

Wearing reading glasses won’t harm your eyes, but you need to determine which degree of magnification (“diopter strength”) before you just pick out any pair. You don’t want to create a fashion statement for yourself but not be able to see clearly because of it. Remember that frames need to fit your face comfortably and not slide down on your nose or leave marks.
That’s not the fashion statement anyone wants to make, no matter how hip or affordable.

Optx 20/20, your leading supplier for fashionable readers has a large variety of readers that will get you lots of compliments. For example, the Yellowstone Fashion Readers in red/black are definitely something you can wear in a casual or formal environment. But make sure you speak to an eye doctor and determine the correct diopter so you know you are getting the correct strength.

Many may think this trend is woman driven. But you would be surprised. Many male celebrities and athletes are doing interviews and press conferences with these glasses on. Some maybe doing it for simply wardrobe fashion attention but some maybe wearing them for vision reasons.

No matter what your reason is, reading glasses are cool to wear and Optx 20/20 is the place to make that fashion statement.



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