Presidents And Reading Glasses

With election season right around the corner you may or may not be surprised to know that many of our U.S. Presidents needed corrective eye-wear. Even some of the youngest presidents, like John F. Kennedy, needed reading glasses.

The two presidents who were most often photographed wearing their glasses were Teddy Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Roosevelt wore a distinctive pair of pince-nez, a style of glasses, which looks about as uncomfortable as it sounds, with a C-bridge. Truman’s glasses were rimmed with round lenses and a keyhole shaped bridge to the nose. The style was known at the time alternately as the Marshwood, and the Poor Boy.

Today it is very common to see Presidents wear reading glasses when signing bills and reviewing important documents. President Clinton, has been known to wear his reading glasses with the bridge sitting much lower down his nose. This is very similar to the way President George W. Bush wears his reading glasses.

Just like politics, reading glasses have gone through a variety of different styles and changes throughout the years but one thing has always been consistent: Reading glasses are for everyone, including powerful presidents no matter what side of the aisle they sit on.

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bill clinton reading glasses


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