Optx 20/20 Rimless Styles Equal Less Rim And More Face

Reading glasses assist in seeing and reading but they don’t have to hide the pretty face behind it. Today, with the help of technology and fashion trends, readers can be made lightweight, rimless and look great on your face with very little distraction to those great facial features you have.

FlexReaders4™ by Optx 20/20 provide the ultimate in style, clarity and comfort when looking for an affordable rimless reader. Created out of durable metal with chrome dual-spring hinges and soft adjustable rubberized nose pieces, these rimless reading glasses give any wearer a sophisticated, non-obtrusive, comfortable look on their face.

Like full rimless readers, a frame that has no rim at the top provides an easier transition between viewing things far away and up close. The EcoClear™ Flora readers are eco-friendly, semi-rimless readers with optical quality acrylic aspheric lenses that provide clear vision and a clear conscience.  Made from ultra-lightweight, bio-based materials these very functional readers also give a sleek, super lightweight feel that are very cool and fashion forward looking.

Rimless reading glasses and rimless frames, of course have come a long way since the revolutionary ‘compression mount’ design that were notorious for coming loose and falling apart. To see the full line of the most technological advanced readers on the market visit Optx2020.com anytime of the day or night and don’t forget to enjoy life’s little details.



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