I Need Reading Glasses, But What Power Do I Need?

More and more of us everyday, as we get older are noticing that we are struggling in being able to read the words around us. Whether it be the newspaper, your book, the TV or computer screen. It is okay to come to the realization that reading glasses may now be an essential part of your everyday life. But without visiting a doctor, what power reading glasses should you get? +1.25 and numbers similar to that means nothing more then just a math symbol and a digit. Well, here is some information and a simple chart that can help you in giving a definition to that diopter number that goes with a pair of reading glasses.

To use the below chart follow these three simple instructions:

  • Print the graphic that corresponds to this blog post. Reason for printing: Every computer monitor has a different size and resolution. To be sure that the font size in the eye test chart is accurate, the chart should be viewed from a printed copy, not directly from the computer screen.
  • The eye test chart should be exactly 5 inches wide. Please make sure it is 5 inches wide on your printed copy. If the printed eye test chart is larger or smaller, you aren’t viewing it correctly.
  • To find the diopter strength needed: Read the printed eye test chart from a distance of about 14 inches. Each line has a line of text with a corresponding lens strength reflected on the right. If an individual was using this eye test chart to determine their diopter strength requirement, the individual would determine which line has a text size that is difficult to read and note the diopter strength on the right.

It’s really that simple. Now that you figured out your diopter strength, all you need to do is pick out a pair of readers on the Optx 20/20 website that fits your style. Whether it be metal or plastic we have a variety of new frames and styles for any lifestyle. Browse now, 24/7 and starting seeing and enjoying life’s little details!



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