Fusion Readers – Stylish and Unique By OPTX 20/20

For those of us who need reading glasses to see but are tired of wearing the same type of frames, then you need to take a look at the brand new EcoClear Fusion Readers.

EcoClear Fusion are far from ordinary reading glasses. They are unique on all levels. Lets start with the frames. They are made of bio-based material and are super lightweight so don’t feel heavy on your face. The temples are skull shaped which defines that comfort is the only option when wearing them, no matter what size your head is.

Moving on to the front of these stylish readers, the lenses on a pair of Fusion’s are made of optical quality, aspheric material, which only means crystal clear vision in front of you. The lenses then attach securely to the frames using a nylon rimlock, which entails that they will never pop out.

What makes the Fusion really unique is the nosepads. They are unlike anything else you may have seen before. Fusion nosepads are vented and feature non-slip silicone so air can get into that small area and they won’t slip off your nose, even in hot summer heat.

Available in 3 unique colors, the Fusion readers are a must have for any wearer of reading glasses. Plus, at just $19.99 they are super affordable and even include a color-coordinated basket-weave protective case to keep safe and secure when not wearing. Offered, exclusively from Optx 20/20 click here to order today and get delivered right to your front door.

fusion readers

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