When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Reading Glasses?

Have you ever taken a peak in your night table drawer and wonder what you were thinking when you bought those ugly looking pair of reading glasses? It’s okay, you aren’t alone. Round, little glasses perched on the end of your nose, which may at one time been  fashionable now scream “Grandma or Grandpa!” With times, things and most importantly trends change. But with a simple change in frames  you can create an entire new look for yourself. Today, chunky, thick-framed glasses can give you a youthful, energetic look!

Let’s take a look at an example of how times have changed. For the longest period every time you saw actress Annette Bening, you would of thought she was simply a grandma, not an academy award nominee.

But, when she switched from dated wire-framed glasses to chunkier frames recently, she gave herself a whole new look. Her wire frames didn’t give her face definition, but the new bold black pair beautifully framed her face.

Now, the bold look may not be for you, but you can still choose from many styles of reading glasses that are updated (and affordable.) Newer glasses are much more substantial – the lenses are bigger  and the frames are darker and thicker. Just take a look at these two hip Optx 20/20 readers: the EcoClear™ Ozone Readers and the Elements Magnetic Readers. Both are hip, stylish and great for going out in the town! Browse the complete line of hot styles at Optx2020.com.

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