Three Is Better Than One

Face it, everyone has lost a pair of reading glasses from time to time. Some of us may have even sat on a pair by accident, put a pair in the washing machine or simply dropped them on the floor and cracked them. We are all human and it happens.

But more frustrating than breaking or losing a pair of reading  glasses is losing that ability to read and see. It is an essential part of our everyday routines and when you don’t have them nearby, it can get really annoying. Losing or breaking your glasses also means having to shell out cash to buy a new pair, which is something many of us never want to do.

Optx 20/20, the online leader in reading glasses knows glasses break and get lost and wanted to do something about it. Let us introduce you to Three Pair Valu-Pacs. These stylish, hip packages come not with one pair of readers but with three. So you have a pair at all time. At work, at home and in the car! Plus, they are very affordable with prices starting at just $12.50!

All you need to do is choose your style. Whether it be plastic, metal, clear or solid color, Optx 20/20 has a valu-pac for anyone’s taste. Their is even a valu-pac that includes premium spring hinges!

Don’t get frustrated or annoyed if you break or lose a pair of readers. Three Pair Valu-Pacs by Optx 20/20 is here to save the day!


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