Vapour Takes Crystal Clear Vision To An Entirely New Level

Summer isn’t over yet and the weather around the country has been relatively warm in most areas. That means more time enjoying the outdoors and more time under the strong rays. Optx 20/20, the leader in online reading glasses has a great new pair of readers that are perfect for the outdoors. Let us introduce you to Vapour!

Made from earth-friendly materials, Vapour, part of the EcoClear line of glasses is a stylish pair of rimless sunglasses with a bifocal built right into it! The silicone nose pads are easily adjustable and the integrated silicone temple inserts are non-slip, so they won’t slip off. In addition, the acrylic aspheric lenses are compression mounted which makes them extremely lightweight and comfortable on the users face.

Worried about the strong rays that can get into your eyes and cause problems down the road? Vapour has that covered as well as these lenses block 99.9% of UVA and UVB light.

So why not keep score of your kids and grandkids outdoor sporting events or enjoy a great novel outdoors in this nice weather by sporting a brand new pair of Vapour EcoClear Bifocal Sunglasses? Made exclusively by Optx 20/20 these glasses will make reading outside so much easier!

Vapour Bifocal Readers


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