Three Ways To Help Reduce Computer-Related Eye Strain

Face it you are probably reading this blog right now from your computer screen or similar electronic device. It probably isn’t the first thing you read on a screen today and probably won’t be the last! Many of us spend up to 10 hours a days in front of a screen for work, play and just about anything else. With that amount of time, it is extremely important to protect your eyes from becoming strained. Here are a few ways how:

Adjust Your Monitor Brightness - Your monitor should come with a how-to guide that will show you how to adjust brightness, contrast, color and other features. Allowing you to tweak levels to reduce levels of eyestrain will allow viewing on it to be the most comfortable. All monitors have buttons to be able to adjust the settings and if you can’t figure out how to do it and can’t find the guide that came with the monitor you can always Google and Bing it as that can usually help get the instructions you need.

Increase Your Browser Display Size – Face it, sometimes the fonts are just to small and squinting can hurt! In addition, with most screens now coming in a wide format, they just don’t adjust the same when viewing certain documents. Web browsers often display websites in a column fashion as well, leaving wide, empty margins. By removing the margins and zooming in on your page by holding down Control and scrolling up with your mouse you can adjust the settings to a more comfortable way on your eyes. On the Mac side, you can increase most browser window sizes by pressing Command and + a few times.

Invest In A Pair Of Readers – By purchasing an affordable pair of readers from OPTX 20/20 you should be able to get a true magnifying effect of your screen from your eyes. These new readers won’t only make for a great fashion statement but will make your eyes extremely happy after long hours looking at a computer screen!

Browse now 24/7 at and start enjoying all of life’s little details, even on a computer screen!

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