Would You Find Value In Borrowing a Pair Of Reading Glasses From A Business?

Are you one of those that are always misplacing your reading glasses? Many of us are! As we all get older, it isn’t uncommon to forget or misplace an essential like a pair of reading glasses. Well, many businesses aren’t looking for a solution to issue by providing: On-Demand Reading Glasses.

Many places of business including doctors offices, dentists and restaurants are now providing reading glasses to patients/customers for borrow. This convenience can come into use when patients are filling out medical forms in a waiting room or patrons are dinning in a low lit restaurant. You just hope they have a pair in your prescription!

Optx 20/20 has another solution for keeping your readers with you at all times. With the EcoClear Magellan Slingshots a retractable cord is built right into the temples. That means they easily go where ever you go and are in your prescription. You are also putting on a pair of your own reading glasses not a pair that hasn’t been worn by hundreds of people and can potentially be filled with germs.

This new type of service, many businesses are now offering can be helpful when your in a bind and need to be able to read clearly. But, with new technology we are pretty sure having your own pair of readers is still more favorable then having to borrow someone elses!



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