Why Women Need Reading Glasses Earlier Then Men

Many women, including the women reading this blog may wonder why they need reading glasses earlier then their significant other?  Well, according to a recent study done by the University of California, it is because of preferred reading distances. It seems women tend to hold reading materials closer than men do. Because most women have shorter arms then men, they hold things closer, raising their odds of things appearing blurred as they age.

Eye deterioration results from the stiffening of the eyeball’s lens, which makes zooming in on close objects more difficult, leading to blurred vision and the need for reading glasses.

Luckily, Optx 20/20, the leader in online reading glasses has a variety of different attractive styles of readers for all women in the need for them.

For those women that prefer the plastic style, you can’t go wrong with the EcoClear Fusion Bio-Based Reading Glasses. These stylish, semi-rimless readers are ultra-lightweight and feature a retro design for both casual and formal occasions.

If you are more of a metal glasses wearer, a very popular pair that will definitely get compliments are the brand new Eco-Clear Helium Readers!  These feature adjustable silicone nose pads and integrated non-slip silicone temple inserts to fit with any size face!

Women, you aren’t alone if you are getting a pair of readers before your spouse. Many have the same issue. Just pick out a great pair of readers from the Optx 20/20 website and start  seeing the world comfortably just like you used too!

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