EyeDefend – Allergy Defense For Your Eyes

Face it, nothing is truly worse then stepping outside your front door and your hands immediately rubbing your eyes. Eye allergies are the worst and many of us suffer from them when we least expect it. You have tried eye drops and over-the-counter and prescription meds but nothing seems to make you feel better. That can now change with the help of EyeDefend Allergy Prevention Glasses!

This innovative new type of product can provide homeopathic relief for allergy symptoms. These special frames are built to be a protective barrier from pollen, dust and combat dry-eyes and airborne allergens from getting into and irritating your eyes! Within the frame are special sponges that deliver moisture to the eyes, and help with dryness.

Beyond the allergy and dry eye benefits, EyeDefend lenses are made of lightweight polycarbonate with an anti fog coating so they don’t feel heavy on your eyes. The temples and frames are fully adjustable to create the perfect fit for any face!

Made exclusively by Optx 20/20 and available now on Amazon.com, this is one type of product any allergy suffer will fall in love with. Don’t let allergies dictate your life, get a pair of EyeDefend today and start enjoying the great outdoors!



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