Comfort And Fit Topples Everything Else

According to a recent survey by the Vision Council, 88% of men surveyed said comfort and fit are the most important factors when picking out a pair of glasses.  Only 59% surveyed said durability was the most important factor.

From this data it proves that people want comfort, no matter how long they actually hold up before breaking. An uncomfortable pair of glasses that lasts forever is not what men these days are looking for.

Here are a few comfort factors to pay close attention to when picking out a pair of frames:

  • Make sure the frames are wide enough for your face. You don’t want the temples digging into your head.
  • Make sure the temples are long enough. The curve at the end of the temple should extend over the ear without pressing down upon it.
  • Make sure the nose-bridge fit is secure without pinching the bridge of your nose.

For many of us glasses are a necessity and need to be with you and worn at most times of the day and night. The Optx 20/20 brand offers a variety of different styles to fit comfortably on any readers face.

The EcoClear Helium Readers, for example are extremely lightweight, meaning your face may even forget you have them on.  These stylish readers also feature adjustable silicone nose pads and integrated non-slip silicone temple inserts to make reading even the smallest print, comfortable and enjoyable!

Glasses don’t need to be a burden. Make them work for you and your facial structure so you can enjoy life’s littlest details!

adjustable nose pads

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