How Should Glasses Be Sitting On My Nose?

If you are sitting at your kitchen table looking at all those flyers and circulars analyzing all the Black Friday deals you may start to notice that the bridge of your nose maybe hurting. That maybe because your reading glasses may not be sitting correctly on your nose and depending on how you are positioned they could be causing more pain, literally then helping you see.

Proper fitted glasses should fit securely on the bridge of the nose, without pinching the nose. The frames should not press into the face at any point. When the wearer moves his or her head, or even bends over and touches the floor, the frames should stay in place.

Having the right fit for glasses will make them more comfortable to wear, and the wearer will avoid having painful red marks pressed into the bridge of his nose. That can be very uncomfortable and annoying! According to a recent survey conducted by the Vision Council of America, 88 percent of people surveyed said that comfort was their first priority in choosing frames for their eye glasses.

Even more important, having  glasses fit properly gives the best vision correction. When reading glasses sit crookedly on, or slide down the nose, the angle of vision is changed and vision through corrective lenses is less accurate. Well fitted glasses are important for both comfort and eyesight.

Optx 20/20, makes sure every pair of readers produced is made with comfort as the number one priority. All of the Optx frames including the new Fusion readers are extremely lightweight, but also durable. The Fusion reader, for example comes standard with vented non-slip silicone nosepads so comfort and sturdiness is always top priority.

Browse the full line of amazing products that Optx 20/20 has to offer and start enjoying life’s little details alot more comfortably.

Not The Right Way To Wear Your Readers

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