The Benefit Of Anti-Reflective Coating

Did you know that there are over 143 million Americans that wear glasses. You also may or may not have known, but many of these pairs of glasses feature anti-reflective or AR coating on them. There are a variety of reasons why AR Coating is used. Anti-reflective coating can not only improve the appearance of the glasses but also the vision seen through the lenses. Additional benefits of anti-reflective lenses include durability, heat resistance, aid in night driving, easy cleaning, and resistance to scratches.

Traditional plastic lens typically used in glasses transmits around 90% of light to the eyes; the remaining 10% of light is lost to surface reflections and glares. The anti-reflective coating was first created to reduce reflections on camera lenses. Now it is what is also used on eyeglasses.

AR coating is an optical coating that is applied to the surface of a lens to improve efficiency where light would typically be lost due to reflections. By transmitting more light there are a slew of new benefits including decreased glare from a computer screen, reduced eye strain, and lessens overhead glare.

The popular new frame – Helium, designed exclusively by Optx 20/20 doesn’t just look great and feel great on your face. The lenses come with anti-reflective lens coating, which makes reading in bright areas outside like the beach during holiday vacation or at the park with the kids so much easier.

Don’t wait any longer. Start seeing more crisply and clearly with this new type of lens and start enjoying life’s little details!

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