How Do Bifocal Eyeglasses Work?

We have all heard of bifocals, we have seen them on others or for many of us have worn them ourselves. But have you ever wondered how exactly they work?

Bifocal eye glasses work by accommodating eyes that are both nearsighted, also known as myopic, and farsighted also known as hyperopic. Sometimes a person needs both prescriptions, or are considered presbyopic.

Unlike single vision which means a person needs one prescription in their lenses only, bifocal vision means a person needs two separate prescriptions, one to see clearly at a distance and a different one to see up close. The person is both nearsighted and farsighted.

A traditional bifocal lens has two different prescriptions incorporated into it. One is for distance vision and the other is for reading or near distance. The distance prescription is spread throughout the entire lens with an ADD power placed in a segment located at the bottom of the lens to accommodate the near vision, or the reading portion.

Have you ever wanted to go outside on a beautiful day to the beach or the park to read an addicting novel you can’t put down but the sun was just to bright on your eyes? You can’t read without your reading glasses but the rays make it very difficult to read and see without wearing a pair of sunglasses. So what do you do?

You get a pair of Vapour or Outrigger Bifocal Sunglasses, made exclusively by Optx 20/20. These stylish sun readers feature a built-in bifocal that makes reading anything outside a breeze. Both are very lightweight and protect 99.9% of UVA & UVB light!

Don’t let your eyes dictate what you can and can’t do outside. Buy a pair of bifocal sunglasses today and start enjoying life everywhere you want to be!

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