The 411 On Computer Vision Syndrome

Did you know approximately 143 million Americans spend each day working on a computer, and 70% of those 143 million suffer from computer eye strain, commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Unlike printed material, such as books and newspapers, words on computer screens aren’t made with thick, dense black lines. They’re created by tiny pixels of light that are brightest in the center and fade towards the edges. This lack of contrast and definition can make it more difficult for eyes to focus, which makes them work harder and could cause eye strain. This eye strain can also cause headaches and other side affects in the upper body.

If you think you are experiencing computer vision syndrome, you might want to consider wearing reading glasses, even if you already wear contacts or prescription eyeglasses.  The typical eyeglasses prescribed by an optometrist can correct distance vision. However, computer screens are positioned in what’s considered the intermediate zone of vision, so prescription glasses or lined bifocals may not work.

Reading glasses are designed to help you with all forms of reading, including reading computer screens. Plus many of them come with an anti-reflective coating, such as the Optx 20/20 popular Helium Readers, which will help in reducing the glare that causes eyestrain.

For more great pairs of readers to wear around the office, visit the Optx 20/20 website 24/7 and start enjoying all of life’s little details!


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