Compression Mounting – A New Way To Keep Your Readers Secure

Do you find that your reading glasses are always coming apart? Are you always losing a screw or nut and it usually happens at the absolute worst time? Well you aren’t alone! Glasses back in the day were made using traditional screws, nuts and washers. But, the rougher you are on them, the more of a chance they are going to fall apart.

Those types of issues can be long forgotten with the introduction of compression mounting!  Instead of screws, nuts and washers, a compression fitting consists of a much simpler, rivet-like design that holds the frame and lenses together in a much better way. These work great with rimless and semi-rimless designs.

Compression mounted frames use prongs on the bridge and endpieces which have barbs on them and special bushings that fit over them securely. When the lenses are in place, the bushings are pressed through the lens holes, and the excess is trimmed off. Using a special compression tool, the center and endpieces are secured.

Compression technology has a number of advantages. The mounting technology is simple and is less stressful than screws and nuts. The bushing not only secures the lenses but cushions lateral lens movement which is essential in reducing lens cracking around the drilled holes.

Optx 20/20 the online leader in reading glasses and reading glasses technology has a variety of stylish readers that feature compression mounted technology including the popular Helium frames! Shop online 24/7 and start enjoying life’s little details!


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