Tips On Taking Care Of Your Reading Glasses

Just like everything else you own, reading glasses need tender loving care as well. To get their maximum benefit and maximum lifespan a little “TLC” can go a long way. Here are a few tips that will prolong the life of  your favorite reading glasses:

  • Check your reading glasses frequently for signs of wear.  If a hinge screw is loose you may want to purchase a small, precision screwdriver to keep them nice and tight.
  • Carefully check the alignment of your reading  glasses while standing in front of a mirror.   If they seem misaligned, visit an optician for a frame adjustment.
  • Clean your reading glasses frequently by rinsing them under lukewarm tap water.  This will flush away any dust or grit that could cause scratches.
  • Use a few drops of lotion-free dishwashing liquid rub both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame. This will help in removing skin oils that can damage its finish.
  • When not in use keep your readers in a protective case. This will keep them safe from the outside world! Many pairs of OPTX 20/20 readers come with a complimentary protective case for your convenience.
  • Always use both hands to remove your reading glasses from your face.  If your case isn’t around, leave the temples open and place your eyeglasses upside down (resting on the top of the frames and temples) on a flat surface in a safe place.
  • Avoid using fabric softener on the towels you use for cleaning your reading glasses  Fabric softener leaves a residue that will smear your lenses. Hair spray can also damage lens coatings.

As you can see eye wear including reading glasses need a lot of care to keep them working at their best. By following these care tips will keep your eyewear in great shape for years. But to be on the safe side it’s always good to have a spare pair or two! For that, check out the three pair value packs which give you 3 great pairs of readers for one low price!

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