Would You Wear A Pair Of Smart Glasses?

Glasses have really advanced in the past decades. From what used to be a tool simply for help with sight, there are now glasses for all types of reasons including reading, for being outside in the sun, to glasses that never leave your side and are “stuck” with you.

But would you turn your glasses into a computer? Well soon you actually can with the help of Smart Glasses. With a simple glance of your eyes you will be able to check your e-mail, make sure you’re walking in the right direction according to your maps app, and see what the weather will be like later in the afternoon.

The technology seems to be amazing, the look of them on your face is probably another story. Currently Google and other technology companies versions of the device aren’t very attractive when walking around town. It may also make concentrating on a regular human to human conversation difficult, as new emails appear instantly in front of your eyes.

Smart glasses are definitely an interesting concept, but the question still remains it they will ever fit into the lifestyle of mainstream consumers. Certainly, at this early stage, a short battery life and clunkier look won’t help these glasses but we will see what the future holds. In the meantime when looking for the hippest, most technology advanced reading glasses and sunglasses out there visit the Optx 20/20 online store 24/7 at Optx2020.com.

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