Aspirin Can Be Related To Vision Loss

According to a recent study, taking at least one aspirin every week is linked to the development of age-related vision loss. The research doesn’t though give the conclusion  that by taking the popular pain reliever leads to age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blindness in older people. Commonly used in the prevention of heart attacks or strokes for seniors, over 100 billion aspirin tablets are consumed every year.

The research, which was performed in Australia, included information on 2,389 people who were over 45 years old. Of those, 257 said they took at least one aspirin every week. The results found 63 people had developed so-called wet macular degeneration – the most severe form. It also found 5.8 percent of regular aspirin users ended up with wet macular degeneration, compared to 2.3 percent of people who did not regularly take aspirin. That difference remained even when the researchers accounted for the participants’ age, sex, weight, blood pressure, history of smoking and heart disease. Similar results were found in a 2011 European study.

Even with this research, many researchers and physicians feel decisions about aspirin use are best made by balancing the risks against the benefit in context of each individual’s medical history and value judgments. Every individual case should be consulted with a physician.

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