5 Eye Facts You Need to Know

Eye Fact: Carrots are great for eye health

Eye Fact: Carrots are great for eye health

There are some details about the human eye that sound like something out of a science fiction movie. For instance, did you know that your eyes are composed of over 2 million working parts? Or that the muscles that move the eyes are the most powerful in the body? How about that the eye is the only part of the human body with the ability to function at 100 percent all the time? You may have already heard that it’s absolutely impossible to sneeze with your eyes open—have you tried it?

Sure, those are pretty interesting eye facts, but let’s face it; there are more important things to know about two of the most important organs you’ve got. Some of these eye facts may surprise you while some may not. Either way, it is absolutely amazing what those big bright eyes can do and how much of a role vision plays in so many other aspects of health.

Important Eye Facts

  1. Rods and cones are key to how we see.
    We’ve probably all learned this back in grade school at one time or other, but just in case you forgot, the eye allows light to hit the retina, which contains the famous rods and cones. Rods and cones then begin to change chemically and trigger nerve impulses to the brain. Then, the brain interprets this data and registers it all in full color.
  2. The carrot theory is no joke.
    Eat like a rabbit; see like a rabbit. Yes, it’s true. Things like carrots, corn and anything that contains vitamin A will benefit your vision.
  3. Vision problems can cause other disorders.
    Poor vision can lead to poor eye-hand coordination, motion sickness and more. Learning disabilities like dyslexia and attention deficit disorders can be tied to visual problems, too.
  4. Each eye watches from different angles.
    As life unfolds in front of us, it is the responsibility of each eye to report information to the brain. You’d think we’d see double since we have two eyes. Instead, the brain can discern this information and use the location of the object your eyes are focused on to determine the space and distance between you and that object.
  5. If you use your reading glasses every day, your overall vision will improve.
    We saved the best for last. One of our favorite eye facts. The next time you take an eye exam, remember this important eye fact, and put it to the test!

What weird or interesting eye facts have you heard?

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