Don’t Give Developing Countries Your Old Glasses…Give Them A New Pair

A few months back we discussed how you are able to recycle your old reading glasses to developing countries. But, according a recent international study, led by the International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE), a collaborating partner in the Vision CRC, in Sydney, that may actually not be the best idea.

The research suggests it is far better to give a $10 donation for an eye examination and a new pair of glasses if you want to help someone in desperate need. In the study it noted that only 7% of a test sample of 275 recycled glasses were useable and that this pushed the delivery cost to over $20 per pair.

There are a wide range of ready-made new glasses available, which can be supplied for around half the cost. But, more important then that over 600 million people are unnecessarily blind or vision impaired globally simply because they need an eye examination and appropriate glasses.

Even though the intent is good, between sorting, cleaning and shipping recycled glasses it is more beneficial (and economical) to buy a person in a developing nation a stylish new pair of frames, such as a new pair of Helium or Harmony readers from Optx 20/20 and then send them to a non-profit such as the Vision 2020 initiative of the World Health Organization with a small monetary donation so they can get an eye exam.

If we all work together, everyone on earth will be able to see the beautiful world we all live on!

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