Glasses May Help Cure Color Blindness

Do you or someone you know suffer from color blindness? Most likely you do as currently 1 in 12 people have some sort of color deficiency in the U.S. 8% of men and 0.4% of women.

That stat may change soon though as Scientists are working on developing a pair of glasses that can allow users to see the full spectrum of colors for the first time. The high tech glasses will help those with “red-green deficiency”, an inability to see some red and green colors.

Originally researched and designed these special glasses to be used for medical purposes such as identifying veins before blood donations or identifying bruising. They then realized they can be used to solve color blindness! It is interesting to note though, that while the lenses enhance the ability to see reds and greens, they also downgrade the ability to see yellows and blues.

It should be interesting to see in the future how much of a breakthrough these lenses will have on people dealing with color blindness.

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