Common Places To Lose Your Glasses…And A Way For It To Stop!

Leaving your glasses behind can be very frustrating. Besides the frustration it can become a very expensive habit as billions of dollars are spent each year in America on vision products, much of that money unnecessarily.

Perhaps though by identifying some common places where glasses are left behind, us ones that are  glasses-forgetful will see their way clearer to keeping better track of their eye glasses.

  • The Gym – Anywhere a person undresses is a prime spot for losing glasses, but the gym is an especially easy spot to lose them because you may undress and dress more than once. As you change into work-out clothes, a swimming suit, a towel for the shower and then back into clothes for the trip home you take off your glasses several times.
  • Public Transportation – Glasses are left behind in trains, shuttle vehicles, buses, cabs and planes everyday when a weary traveler removes them for a quick nap and does not realize they’re gone until he or she can’t decipher the next set of directions on his printed itinerary. Reduce the possibility of losing your glasses while traveling by always putting them away when you remove them.
  • Hotels – It is easy to understand how eyeglasses can be left behind on a hotel or motel nightstand. Glasses may be taken on and off several times as a traveler gets ready for bed and then rushes to a meeting or appointment the next morning. Always take the time to double check your hotel room for stray items, especially glasses after you have packed and loaded all of your bags.

Optx 20/20 has the solution though to make sure you glasses are always with you and not lost anywhere, anytime! Let us introduce you to the Magellan Slingshot. These stylish, eco-friendly reading glasses have an adjustable, retractable cord built right into the temples so when they aren’t worn, they can sit comfortably around your neck!

Finally a step in the right direction for avoiding unnecessary spending on vision essentials!


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