What’s Your Poker Face?

If you ever flipped the channels on your TV and came across a poker tournament you may have noticed some of the players wearing a pair of sunglasses at the table. Some wearing them upside down, right side up, designer inspired, black as night, you name it they probably have worn it at the poker table.

But unless you are a hardcore poker player you may ask yourself, why is a person wearing a pair of sunglasses in a dimly lit room? While some do it simply for affect and attention there are some tangible benefits to wearing shades at the table.

Firstly, there are some textbook tells that can be deduced from the eyes. For example, if a player quickly looks at the flop, looks down at his chips, and quickly looks away, the flop most likely helped his cards. On the converse, if a player is intently studying the flop it probably didn’t help him and he’s trying to figure out some sort of straight combination to no avail. Some even say they can tell if a player is bluffing by the dilation of their pupils.

Next, there is the intimidation factor. Many players believe that they strike more fear into their opponents with the blank stare of tinted glasses.  Interestingly, wearing sunglasses at the table can also help players feeling intimidated themselves. The screen over their eyes protects them against possible tells and reads by the professionals, but more importantly it allows them to hide at the table. If you’re covering up your face with sunglasses and a low hat, you can almost become invisible and anonymous at the table. This can have a calming effect on those playing their first tournament or new live players entering an intimidating major event.

For those that love poker or want to get into game you know it is a game of thought and skill and with the help of sunglasses may make the difference between losing and winning. Optx 20/20 has a full line of fashionable innovative shades including the Kilamanjaro Overglasses/Sunglasses that fit over your regular frames, which may just give you the edge at the table!  Browse the full line 24/7 and start showing your true poker face!



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