Would You Want To Be Able To Read Other People’s Emotions?

Body language and emotions can tell a lot about a person. For example a person maybe very happy when they are simply smiling and very sad when they are frowning. But sometimes emotions can be taken the wrong way and become very misleading. This is especially true when we are trying to hide something or are trying to keep an important secret.

There are times when our facial cues threaten to betray us. Some of us are better at hiding them than others. It’s all part of the outside interactive world we all live in.

That could all change soon though with the help of specialized glasses that allows users to perceive the subtle facial cues of others with a sharpness never possible before.

According to researchers, the glasses are specially tinted to enhance a person’s color vision, essentially allowing a user to more accurately perceive the oxygenation and hemoglobin variations in another person’s face. They basically put everyone’s emotions on full display to anyone who knows how to interpret oxygen and blood pooling patterns in the face.

This can be potentially fun and at the same time frightening that someone by simply wearing a pair of glasses can accurately figure out what another person’s true emotions are. It has the potential to make bluffing in poker a thing of the past and take the mystery out of dating.

Technology is becoming very advanced even in the case of glasses. While these new frames are still in development and may have you nodding your head in many puzzled directions, check out some new innovative frames from Optx 20/20 that are both very user-friendly and stylish so you can start enjoying life’s little details!

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