How Are You Keeping Your Eyes Safe?

You wear a seat belt when you drive a car. You wear a helmet when you ride a bike and you wear knee pads when you go rollerblading. All ways to keep your body safe from injury. But what are you doing to keep your eyes safe and what safety habits are you keeping too?

45% of all eye injuries occur at home caused by activities such as home repairs, cleaning, yard work and cooking. Eyes can also be damaged by sun exposure as well as by chemicals, dust and projectiles. Eyes are also being injured playing sports and participating in other recreational activities outside the home.

With that being said there isn’t that many regulations and forced habits that are being enforced when it comes to eye health and eye safety, especially outside of the workplace. That is why it is important for yourself to build and maintain good eye health safety habits.

The first and most important way you can improve your eye health is by wearing protective eyewear such as the Eyedefend Crossfit Military Ballistic Shield or the Kilamanjaro Overglass Sunglasses. These and other types of protective eyewear can help prevent 90% of eye injuries.

The second essential habit for eye safety is prevention. The National Society to Prevent Blindness estimates that 90% of all eye injuries can be prevented. One of the best ways to prevent eye injury is by following manufacturer’s directions and warnings. You also want to use common sense. For example, pick up rocks and sticks before mowing your lawn, don’t peer into a bag of hot microwave popcorn, and keep children from running with sharp objects such as scissors.

You only get one set of eyes and sometimes injuries to them aren’t always recoverable. It is important you keep them safe and use caution in specific situations.


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