Acrylic Has Its Benefits

Your glasses lenses work to improve your vision by changing the direction in which light hits your eyes. By doing this your eyes are able to better focus on specific objects. Most modern glasses lenses are made from either glass, polyurethane or polycarbonate materials. However, acrylic glasses are still preferred in certain situations:

  1. Price – Compared to other materials acrylic lenses are more affordable and if you are a person that is constantly losing or breaking your readers, buying a new pair of acrylic glasses won’t hurt your pocket book as much as glasses made of other materials.
  2. Protection – UV rays from the sun can do a lot of damage to your eyes if you aren’t careful. Sunglasses with UV absorption provide protection from the rays. Glasses made of acrylic material can also provide at least some absorption of these rays, and can be made fully absorbent.
  3. Maintenance – Acrylic lenses are very easy to maintain with just a little bit of care. Simply clean them regularly with gentle soap on days when you wear them and when not store them in a protective case to prevent dirt build-up, scratching and breakage.

Optx 20/20 an online leader in reading glasses and other optical related products carries a variety of affordable frames that feature acrylic lenses. One is the ultra lightweight Airlites that are available in a variety of colors for anyone’s needs and wants. Shop 24/7 at and enjoy!

Acrylic Lenses

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