How Comfortable Are Your Glasses?

Have you purchased a pair of glasses and after wearing them, noticed they start to feel really uncomfortable? It’s not uncommon for a new pair of glasses to feel different on your face and require an adjustment period. Give yourself a few days for them to feel natural on your face so they hardly feel noticeable.

If after a few days though they still don’t feel any better and are leaving marks on your nose or causing head aches you may need to make some adjustments.

The first thing you may want to do is take a break from wearing them. New glasses can be strenuous on your eyes and if possible by taking them off can help relax your eyes.

You may also want to switch between your old glasses and new ones. By switching back and forth allows your eyes to relax from the adjustment and help with the gradual transition into the new pair. The side effects of the new pair should eventually disappear.

The glasses may also have a defect on them and may not have been fitted properly on your face by an eye doctor. Having stingy nose pads or temples may cause irritation on your face and make the glasses very hard to wear.

Today, frames such as the Optx 20/20 Airlites feature frames that are bendable and have great flexibility so they adjust to your specific face and facial features. The popular EcoClear Helium frames come with adjustable silicone nose pads and integrated non-slip silicone temple inserts so red marks on your nose are a thing of the past.

Glasses, including reading glasses need to be comfortable as they can be an essential part of your everyday life. By doing your homework and with some trial and error you will find the best pair that is right for you!

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