Reading Glasses and Contact Lenses Can Co-Exist

Many people think that by wearing contact lenses must mean you don’t need reading glasses. That may be true in some cases but many wearers of contact lenses at some point will need the assistance of a pair of readers. You may also be under the assumption that by wearing both reading glasses and contacts at the same time can do damage to your eyes. That is untrue as there is no scientific evidence that it is detrimental to one’s eye health

Contact lenses are designed to correct someones underlying vision correction. If someone is nearsighted, they can not see clearly in the distance without the use of contacts or prescription glasses. In this case, contacts basically bend light and adjust the focal point within an eye so the nearsighted person can now see clearly in the distance.

As a person becomes older (usually after the age of 40) they may suffer from presbyopia or farsightedness. Even though the contact lenses helps correct nearsightedness, for distance vision monovision or multi-focal lenses may be needed to see closeup.

Reading glasses, is though another affective, affordable alternative, especially for fine prints and low light situations. Optx 20/20 provides a full line of stylish, affordable readers that will work well over any pair of contact lenses.

Always though consult with your eye doctor to inform them and to make sure it is the right solution for you.

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