New Way To Conquer Amblyopia

Have you ever been sitting at dining table talking to another person and one of their eyes seems to not be making proper eye contact with you. They maybe suffering from Amblyopia, more commonly known as “Lazy Eye”.

Amblyopia affects between one and five percent of the world population and occurs when the vision of one doesn’t develop properly.  Another cause is strabismus, where one eye turns inward or outward. Without treatment it can lead to permanent vision loss in the weak eye.

Typically one way to treat lazy eye is by covering the stronger eye with a patch. This forces the “lazy eye” to work harder and is meant to make that eye stronger. Unfortunately wearing a patch for a long period of time can be frustrating and embarrassing.

New research being performed in Canada and the UK is finding that there may be an alternative in beating Amblyopia. It involves the popular mobile video game – Tetris. By following the Tetris pieces down the screen forces the eyes to work together.

The study revealed when both eyes worked together, vision improved. This shows that forcing both eyes to cooperate increases the level of adaptability in the brain, which ultimately allows the weak eye to relearn how to see.

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lazy eye

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