Have You Ever Wondered About The Evolution Of Reading Glasses?

Did you know eyeglasses evolved from reading stones used used in the early 9th century? It was Abbas lbn Firnas who devised a way to produce very clear magnifying glass by shaping and polishing them into round rocks.

From that the first pair of wearable reading glasses were produced around 1284 in Italy by Salvino D’almarte. He referred to them as spectacles using different types of lenses depending on the condition of an individual’s eye.

Over time reading glasses became more lighter and durable as inventors and scientists found a way to make plastic as clear as glass which would provide better vision correction to modify the focal length of the eye. By doing this it would alleviate the effect of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism without the risk of the glasses easily breaking.

Today, with the help of technology, reading glasses have been revolutionized to be more than just a way to assist with vision. For example the Hubble Readers by Optx 20/20 folds up when not in use and can be kept in an included case that could fit in an area as small as a shirt pocket. The Magellan Slingshots feature a built-in retractable cord in the temples to guarantee they are always with you and are never lost.

Reading glasses have really changed and evolved throughout the centuries. They have become a major part of a person’s personal expression and used as an appearance accessory. To find the perfect pair that fits you and your lifestyle browse Optx2020.com today and join this new glasses revolution!

Salvino DArmate


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