The Secret Signals Of Glasses

Glasses like many other personal aides give people the opportunity to use them for more than just sight. They provide an opening to perform a number of revealing gestures. But do you know what some of these gestures really translate to and mean?

For example, one of the most common glasses assisted gestures is placing one temple of the frame in the mouth. This act of putting objects against your lips or in the mouth is a momentary attempt by a person to create a reassurance gesture to another person or group of people.

This gesture can also be a used to stall or delay a decision. In negotiating, it has been found that this movement appears most frequently at the close when the person has been asked for a decision.

The gestures that follow the temples in mouth signal the person’s intention and allow an alert negotiator to respond accordingly.

For instance if a person puts the glasses back on, this often means that he or she wants to “see” the facts again. Folding the glasses and putting them away signals an intention to terminate the conversation. In contrast, by throwing the glasses onto the desk is a sign of symbolically rejecting a proposal.

Continually taking the glasses off and cleaning the lenses is another method used by glasses wearers to gain time for a decision. When this gesture is seen immediately after a decision has been asked for, silence is the best tactic.

Peering over your glasses also could have a secret signal to it. Rather than removing a pair of glasses and looking at someone many people push them the bridge of their nose and look above them, rather than through them. This could make the person on the other end feel like they are being judged or scrutinized. In contrast by removing the glasses completely will relax the other person but also allow the user to have control of the conversation.

As you can see glasses wearing and how you handle them can have a lot of meaning to other people and can impact everyday decisions, both personally and professionally.

To find the best pair that works for your benefit both for sight and for so much more, visit today, as these affordable tools can make a big difference in your everyday life.

Bill Clinton With Glasses


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