How To Tell It’s Time For Reading Glasses

When reading a book or newspaper has the number 13 turned into the letter B? Can you tell the difference between the words “burn” and “bum”? If you are experiencing issues like this you probably need to look into getting a pair of reading glasses.

Normally, your eyes can focus on fine details like printed words due to the flexibility of the eye’s lens. As you age, your eyes lose that flexibility, making it harder to sharply focus on the fine details of objects held at close distance.

Many of us are in age denial and feel that the need for reading glasses must mean you are just aging and that can’t possibly be true. But in reality it’s a natural part of aging, and affects everyone to some extent.  Even people near or at the age of 40 who have many decades of life still in them can actually need readers for reading common things like reading books and newspapers.

In today’s changing times and culture reading glasses aren’t looked at just as a tool to help with reading. They actually have a lot of additional positive connotations. For example – helping land a job as they make you look more intelligent or using them as a fashion accessory!

If you are new to reading glasses you should probably not be putting them on and taking them off every few minutes. This could lead to an excruciating headache and make you wonder if you were better off when you had to ask people to read to you. Save the glasses for when they are definitely needed, and it shouldn’t be necessary to take them off to look up at someone’s face.

Getting your first pair of reading glasses can be a big step and the start of a new stage in someone’s life. If though you go in with a positive attitude, they can make your life so much better in more ways then you would have ever thought.

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what do you see a letter B or the number 13

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