The Advantages Of Wearing Bifocal Sunglasses

Wouldn’t it be great to take a novel or your Kindle to the park or beach this weekend and enjoy this warm summer weather? Do you hate having to bring a pair of sunglasses and your reading glasses with you where ever you go? If yes, to either of these questions we have the perfect solution for you – bifocal sunglasses.

Bifocal sunglasses have a number of advantages that make them ideal:

  • The first and most obvious is that they allow people to read comfortably outside and in bright environments. They are also ideal for driving as they make it easy if you have to pull over and look at a map or GPS.
  • Bifocal sunglasses will also protect your eyes and the area around your eyes from dangerous UVA and UVB light which can cause a variety of long-term medical problems.
  • If you work outside and your job requires a lot of  reading, bifocal sunglasses can also prevent squinting, headaches and/or watery eyes!
  • By having a pair of bifocal sunglasses avoids having to bring two pairs of glasses with you when traveling. That means one less thing to potentially lose!

Vapour by Optx 20/20 is the perfect solution for those that love reading and love the sun! Not only are Vapour extremely stylish and feature acrylic aspheric lenses but they also provide a special level of comfort like nothing you never felt before. Available in four different colors and featuring integrated non-slip temple inserts you will never need another pair of sunglasses again!

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying the great outdoors like you properly deserve!


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