Reading Glasses Myths

With the Internet and Web 2.0 everyone has a voice and everyone has an opinion on anything and everything. That includes assumptions on reading glasses with many of them not being true and simply myths. Here are a few examples:

Myth #1: Inexpensive reading glasses will hurt your eyes.

That statement is completely false! Reading glasses will not hurt your eyes or cause any long-term damage to your vision. They actually work very well as magnifying lenses, as long as your eyes need the same amount of correction. Don’t be mislead with the phrase “you pay for what you get”. Affordable glasses will work just as well and are just as stylish as glasses that cost hundreds of dollars.

Myth #2: Glasses will weaken your eye sight.

That is completely NOT true. Glasses don’t weaken eye sight, age does. If you start seeing things out of focus you may need glasses. They may cause eye strain and/or headaches at the beginning while getting used to but they will not weaken your eye sight any further.

Myth #3: Wearing glasses makes your vision clearer.

Also false. Wearing glasses doesn’t have any impact on your actual prescription and it will change the same amount whether you wear glasses every day or not.

As you can see there are a lot of rumors out there when it comes to vision. Make sure you speak with your eye doctor or another reliable expert before believing everything you read or hear. Many times they are simply myths!

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